#7 Will Blow Your Mind!

#7 Will Blow Your Mind!
#7 Will Blow Your Mind!

Ah, Buzzfeed clickbait bullshit. I cannot stand Buzzfeed, which makes me unable to stand Facebook anymore because everybody always posts stupid Buzzfeed clickbait to their feed. If you can’t tell, I cannot stand Buzzfeed and do not understand its draw. Most of their posts are reaction gifs about nostalgic things every 90s kid remembers or whatever. None of their content is original, and it bothers me when people try to toss Cracked.com in with Buzzfeed as unoriginal listicles. Cracked actually does a lot of research for their articles, and they’re actually articles and not just an easy clickbait list.

Buzzfeed typically downright steals content under the guise of “fair use” but never cite credit or sources. And they turn a healthy profit from those actions. Their writing style is lazy and focuses on the lowest common denominator. If I thought Buzzfeed would actually read any hate mail I sent, it’d have to be formatted in their clickbait titleporn style. But they don’t care because they’re making money hand over fist.

Also, You’ll never believe what happened next!


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