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MOUSE   enjoys dinosaurs and that’s the extent of his paleontology background.

He studied under Steven Spielberg at the age of 7 in a theater viewing of Jurassic Park. He would continue his studies with Steven at a sneak peak of The Lost World at the age of 11. When he was 15, Steven retired and Mouse saw Jurassic Park III under the direction of Joe Johnston (Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Jumanji). He resides in America where he self-educates himself watching Walking With Dinosaurs on Netflix. He hopes to go on tour with Dinosaurs soon.


BEAR never met his real dad and was forced to be his own father figure.

He spent his time as a child grounding himself or disappointing himself when he missed his t-ball games that he promised himself he would definitely be there for this time. He beat himself up often, metaphorically and literally, so  C.P.S. came and took him away from himself. At this point BEAR discovered that he could see in the dark, but only if he spent several minutes letting his eyes adjust first. A middle-school basketball fundraiser marked the beginning of his dangerous addictions to cats.  Over the years since, BEAR breathed a copious amount of cat hair and pet dander which wrapped around his brain, warped his mind and ultimately gave him the false confidence that forced him into comedy. BEAR is also a Capricorn and loves long crabwalks on the beach.