Reddit is a strange place. They complain that not enough original content gets submitted. Most everything is a “repost” of old content. But when I  (or other people who make webcomics or videos) post my own user generated original content… I get blasted for self-promotion. Also, according to that website, I’m super gay. Congratulations, reddit, you did it.

You could have the most original of original content, and that website would still shit all over you. I’ve posted really ridiculous comics before, only to have an obvious joke taken too literally. Countless comics have been deconstructed and commented with “well I wouldn’t do that” or something similar. BUT THAT’S THE POINT. OF COURSE YOU WOULDN’T DO THAT. IT’S A COMIC. IT IS COMEDY. HALF THE THINGS IN COMEDIES YOU WOULDN’T DO, BUT THEN YOU WOULD NOT HAVE COMEDIC CONFLICT.

But hey, a solid chunk of our site views come from reddit, so also… thank you?

Mousebear Comedy is just a couple dudes hiding behind an anthropomorphic mouse and bear in order to purge our shadow through webcomics.

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