Doing Good

Doing Good
Doing Good

“Doing Good” comes from a little experience Mouse and I have had with strippers. We’ve been to our fair share of bachelor parties the last few years, which typically end up populated with strippers. The last bachelor party we attended, we all spent so much on strippers that we could have bought a few MacBook pros instead.

I actually dated a stripper for a while. Granted she wasn’t stripping the entire time (most of that first year, though) and she ended up quitting her job because she didn’t want me to feel weird about it. I didn’t really care, because it brought in a lot of money and she could spoil me with it. She had a bit more shame than I did, and she ended up switching banks because she had seen one of her bank tellers stripping one night and couldn’t bear seeing him whenever she’d deposit her stripper money.

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