Karl Blau – Nature’s Got Away

Existential Crisis Inducing6.6
Likelihood of Surviving to the End of the album1.4
Is it, like, even ACTUALLY music?0.2

Karl Blau – Nature’s Got Away

This album really is magical. It has the ability to conjure feelings of great rage and anger at oneself for picking this damned album off the shelf. Please don’t listen to this. Saying that sitting through this record nearly gave me a mental breakdown is an understatement. Nature’s Got Away is right up there with the torture form of water-boarding.

Directing 15 songs you shouldn’t listen to, Karl Blau is a vocalist and sole instrumentalist. Blau sounds like he falls asleep during the songs and just rests against the instruments causing an annoying drone. “Carry and Rob” indirectly encourages suicide (I contemplated it), “Make Love That Lasts” is the type of song you laugh at and not with, and make sure to NEVER listen to “Before Telling Dragons.”


Originally written 2008


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