The Interview

I’ve had many a job interview where I desperately pulled ridiculous feats, attributes or experience in order to try and land a job. I’ve applied and gotten an interview for plenty of positions I had no right interviewing for.

Once, I had an interview at a library. All the questions these old librarians asked me I answered with examples from my stand-up comedy experience. It was ridiculous. They asked me how I’d deal with an unruly patron and I responded with how I’ve dealt with hecklers. I conveniently left out all the swear words, though. I pretty much charmed my way through that interview and somehow managed to land the position. Working at a library was pretty awesome, too. Really one of the best jobs I had.

In another interview I was asked about any outstanding qualities they should know about. I responded that I can lift 150 pounds. He laughed but I didn’t get hired. I did include that little factoid on my resume, though. Mouse makes fun of me for it to this day.


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