film reviews

Serenity has the distinction of being the Worst Film of 2019, which would be a much bigger accomplishment if this were October and not January.
Did you know Keanu Reeves was in a new movie? No, not "that" movie that everyone is talking about and psyched for...
Is it possible Bumblebee is the first truly GOOD Transformers film? It's hard to believe but the only drawback is that this is NOT a reboot.
Just to give a sample of this absolutely wonderful film: There's an extra credited as "Nude Pomegranate Tory"
Can Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick Dr. Watson solve The Case of the Script That Sounded Better On Paper? No? Ohhhhhh. Shit.
While Aquaman is ultimately "competent" it will likely be most remembered in history as the movie that brought us a Pitbull cover of Toto's "Africa"
They should have just used "Honestly, I expected worse" as the tagline on the poster for this movie that's clearly ten years too late.
At one point in this film, Clint Eastwood literally looks at a computer, scoffs, and says "The internet" with a shake of his head.