Confession is a… a weird idea I suppose. Though if you think about it, the trope has been done over and over again many times in film and TV. Even though I’ve whittled it down to just a punchline, the concept could easily be sustained over a twenty-two minute sitcom episode or a ninety-minute flick. For those unaware of the concept of a “Closeted Heterosexual” it is one who pretends to be gay for some reason or another. The most common reason for one to pretend to be gay, or as a closeted heterosexual, is typically to get close to another of the opposite sex in order to score.

Some examples are as follows:

  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
  • If You Only Knew
  • Chicks Dig Gay Guys
  • Three to Tango
  • Boat Trip
  • Kick-Ass

TvTropes, a wonderful place much better than wikipedia (which can send you down a black hole on the internet) defines this trope as “Faux Yay” as follows:

Faux Yay is when a character pretends to be homosexual for some reason, or acts in a homoerotic or romantic way with someone else of the same gender as themselves.One of the most common flavors is when two girls start kissing and acting a little too friendly just for the sake ofgratuitous titillation, which in real life is known as “club lesbianism” due to party girls often doing this at the Coolest Club Ever.This does not count if the homoeroticism is unintentional or the result of a misunderstanding; only if it is a contrived “performance” for some reason. Almost always leads to fleets of shipping. In Music, this is referred to as “Stage Gay”, while in the sex trade (including pornography) it is known as being “gay for pay”. Not to be confused with No Yay. Can overlap with Sorry, I’m Gay, but not necessarily; Sorry, I’m Gay refers specifically to situations wherein the excuse is used and rarely kept up as a facade.”


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