Always on the hunt for those wonderful "so bad it's great" films. 

What began in 1998's The Waterboy by Adam Sander becomes fully realized in 2000's Little Nicky. Witness the birth of modern-era Sandler. The road to Hell is paved with Little Nicky DVDs.
"There are several sexual characteristics to Bigfoot that I wanted to make sure came out, since it’s very integral to the story." - Actual quote from the director.
Based on how much he smokes in this film, I'm pretty sure the production paid Dan Haggerty with cartons of cigarettes.
Serenity has the distinction of being the Worst Film of 2019, which would be a much bigger accomplishment if this were October and not January.
Did you know Keanu Reeves was in a new movie? No, not "that" movie that everyone is talking about and psyched for...
I spent the entirety of Hallmark's sequel "One Winter Proposal" thinking that I never saw the first movie "One Winter Weekend" only for my girlfriend to reveal that I had.
Just how dreamy is the single dad widower in Hallmark's first film in their "Winterfest" series? Spoiler Alert: Super F'N dreamy.
My girlfriend watched "The Princess Switch." Which means that I ALSO watched "The Princess Switch." Luckily, I survived.