Daddie Issues


Mousebear Music Presents: Joe-Z’s Daddie Issues

Daddie Issues is the debut “album” from local celebrity Joe-Z. Equiped with the lyrical genius of a 4th grader on a 7th grade reading level, Joe-Z deals with his Daddie issues with the swagger of Jay-Z.

Renowned for his nasal rhymes, nervously pulling down his pants and not being able to tie his shoes; Joe-Z can be found sporting a not-yet-purchased hoodie at the local Dick’s Sporting Goods talking up his latest mix tape.

Joe-Z can usually be found hustling his mixtapes at Dick’s

Though dim, Joe-Z often considers himself the coolest person in the room, and has been quoted, “people flock to me in spite of my IQ.” His heart is huge like he claims his junk is as he navigates the intricacies of living with these so-called Daddie Issues.

Key Tracks: You’re My Baby’s Dad, Joe-Z; Daddy Joe-Z & Daddie Issues. (Note: Joe-Z claims all tracks are key)

*Cover art by Joe-Z

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