What would this Prequel even contain? Admittedly, I’ve never actually seen “Born on the Fourth of July” but it’s one of Mouse’s favorite movies (I think?). For me, it’s the type of movie I only know about due to how much it’s referenced in other media and how often it’s parodied.

As interesting as it may seem to see Tom Cruise paralyzed and with long, scraggly hair and a terrible mustache, I just can’t bring myself to watch the film. I don’t have a real good excuse or anything like that, I just simply don’t want to see it. Some older movies are tough to watch because they don’t seem to hold up well over time, even though they may have been spectacular for the time they were released.

Midnight Cowboy is a good example of this, being released in the late 60s. I watched it recently and was a little surprised at how average it was. Sure, for the 60s I’m sure it was a super controversial film. Voigt and Hoffman were both nominated for Best Actor for their roles, and I couldn’t help but laugh through most of their dialogue. Both of them were just so…. hammy. Voigt with his awful Texan accent and Hoffman with his broad high-pitched Bronx voice. I just couldn’t “buy” it… I wasn’t immersed.

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