Uncle Says Niece Sexist For Always Identifying With Female Characters


LITTLE ROCK, AR – Travis Feany has a problem. Every time he talks to his five-year old niece Ally about her favorite television shows and movies she always ends up favoring the female characters over the male characters. According to him, this unacceptable.  

“She loves Paw Patrol,” Travis said, referencing the highly popular animated children’s program. “When I ask her who her favorite character is she always says that it’s Skye, the only girl on the whole show. It really pissed me off. It’s sexist.”

Travis wants to have a strong bond with his niece and has tried to introduce her to many of his favorites – including Star Wars and Rick & Morty – but says that she hasn’t shown an interest in anything he has to offer. He insists that her misandry has driven a wedge between them.

“Honestly, I think she’s being sexist,” Travis continued. “Every time she watches a TV show or a movie I’ll ask her for her favorite character and she’ll always pick the most predominant female in the story. Her favorite Mickey Mouse character? Minnie. Her favorite character in The Little Mermaid? Ariel. Her favorite character in The Lion King? Nala. I’m sick and tired of it, man. It’s bullshit!”

Travis has made many aggressive posts on online message boards regarding this subject and has received a lot of support from regulars within those particular communities, leading him to accept the sad truth that Ally must be a closed-minded sheep. When asked for comment Ally informed us that she likes unicorns with shiny hair.

Paw Patrol’s Skye

“Skye isn’t even a well-defined character,” Travis continued. “The male Paw Patrol characters exhibit much stronger qualities. Minnie Mouse is just a duplicate copy of Mickey Mouse. Nala is the most boring character in The Lion King. These characters offer the audience nothing compared to the male characters who are written so much better. It makes no sense for her to pick these characters as her favorites. Clearly it’s only because they’re girls.”

Currently, this story has not been resolved. Ally’s mother has asked Travis not to visit her daughter any longer, but Travis believes this is only because Ally is a ‘snowflake who can’t handle the truth.’ He intends on hitting the ground running the next time they spend time together.  

“I just wish that she cared about equality,” Travis said, a tear running down his cheek. “I guess it’s up to me to make sure that she learns how to truly respect men.”

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