Abra Kedavra

Abra Kedavra

Abra Kedavra is our 50th comic and is being published six months – to the day – after our first comic. We’ve come a long way and still got quite a ways to go. In the six months since starting this venture, I feel like I’ve gotten a little more in tune with the tablet. It was a crazy big difference ditching the page for the tablet, and I’m still getting used to not looking at my hand when I draw. Here’s to hopefully fifty more comics by the end of the year.

Anyway “Abra Kedavra” is one of those dark fantasies that I’d like to see – not in person or “for real” but I think it’d be a hilarious scene to see in a movie or show. Interestingly enough, I got some “feedback” on this comic by someone who took the wrong things too seriously:

It’s either Abra Kedabra or Avra Kedavra. Mixing them together is just weird… Is this supposed to be a mix of stage magic + HP killing curse? Because “Abra/Avra” means “I do”, and “Kedabra/Kedavra” means “as I say”. “Avada” means “I destroy”. There’s not really a good way to mix them.


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