Sic Semper Tibia!

Sic Semper Tibia! comes from my fascination with history, Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth. There are a few great books about the subject but if reading isn’t your thing, there’s also a great podcast about the strange history between the Lincoln family and the Booths (Stuff You Missed In History Class).

Booth was a “famous” actor back in those days, or rather he was part of a family of extremely famous actors. His brother Edwin was infinitely more famous than him so if something like this were to happen today, it’d be as if Billy Baldwin killed the president. Okay, well maybe Alec doesn’t have as much clout these days as in the 90s. Maybe a better example would be Brad Pitt’s brother? Anyway, the bit that always entertains me about Booth is how he broke his leg immediately after shooting Lincoln. This was supposed to be his big moment, where he took out the man opposing the confederacy. His time to shine, to look like a badass, and John Wilkes Booth goes and jumps to the stage in the middle of a play and breaks his leg. I hope he felt emasculated as he hobbled to his escape.


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