Fetishes is sort of about how people are into such weird shit these days, that any of the “normal” stuff could be seen as weird.

I remember going to a bachelor party for a buddy of mine, and we had the classic “order a stripper for the boys” type of experience. I’m getting a lap dance and I do something like slap the strippers ass, and she slapped me across the face… hard enough to see stars and leave a mark. And… and I liked it.

I’m totally convinced that we all got some weird Fetishes, though. Whatever the turn-on, exploring your various fetishes and sexual fantasies is a healthy part of a good relationship. Not only does it build your intimate connection, but it can help you better understand your own pleasure points and better fulfill your partner’s needs, too.

Here is our Archive of all published Mousebear Comics. Marvel at how terrible the quality used to be (or still is). These are merely cynical musings of two cautiously handsome Schadenfreudes. That’s right, we are increasingly bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.

We welcome you to our accumulation of visual historical records organized over the lifetime of Mousebear Comedy. These comics have been selected for permanent or long-term preservation on grounds of their enduring personal value.

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