What IS considered Lucky eh? I just love characters that are stupid, but so stupid that they think they’re smart or clever. Both of these idiots deserved to die for their stupidity instead of just one.

This is an idea that we originally performed as a sketch and the dialogue is pretty much exactly as it appeared on stage. We had a lot of fun coming up with sketch ideas that were extremely short and consisted nearly of “just” a punchline. Mouse and I always had the habit of over writing sketches until they went on for pages and sometimes went longer than necessary. There’s something a lot more challenging about boiling an idea or sketch down to the bare minimum, which often become more rewarding.

We became very fond of these stinger type sketches and making webcomics really gets us back to that mentality. With “Lucky” I think I prefer the stylized webcomic version more, if only for those close ups of the clover and revolver. There’s also the added bonus of actually having a bullet blast through the back of a skull. The sketch also had the addition of the first guy rummaging through the now-dead guy’s pockets for a wallet – to which he responds how lucky he is for finding twenty bucks.


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