SeaWorld Orca Damage Control

SeaWorld Orca Damage Control obviously stems from that absolutely ridiculous commercial SeaWorld has released in order to recoup some positive publicity in the wake of dropping stock and attendance due to the documentary Blackfish. The irony in all this is that SeaWorld is only addressing this now even though it’s been well over two years since Blackfish came out and caused hell for SeaWorld.

This comic is how my brain interprets that asinine commercial when I see it. Perhaps I’m a bit too cynical – something I’m often accused of – but the fact of the matter is this SeaWorld Orce Damage Control commercial is utter horseshit. I’m pretty sure that Pedro who is labeled as a rescuer of orcas has never actually rescued an orca for SeaWorld as SeaWorld doesn’t actually “rescue” orcas at all.

This “SeaWorld Orca Damage Control” strip is definitely one of our more “wordy” comics and less dynamic as it’s in the “talking head” format. Even so, I really wanted to add more cynicism. Especially about the “collapsed fin” fact where almost all the orcas in captivity have limp fins as opposed to the firmly erect dorsal fins that occur in the wild. If you haven’t already, you can see the commercial for yourself below.

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