Haha, Huh?

Haha Huh?
Haha Huh?

“Haha Huh?” has been, among my friends, the most weirdly received comic. Some have loved it, and other have said very opposite things. One of my friends even said this comic is darker than I’m 90% Sure Richard Ramirez is My Father which I personally believe to be the darkest comic on MBC so far.

The idea for “Haha Huh?” comes from an entertaining anecdote from a stand up buddy of mine. He was at a club — which is a little out of character for him — and he was on the dance floor most likely making awkward conversation with the youth. Instead of dancing. Anyway, he looks over and sees a wheelchair-bound gentleman in the middle of the dance floor. This man was moving his arms and bobbing his head to the music as two, young and beautiful women danced “with” him.

These ladies grinded up against him and my buddy — watching — had a happy moment where he thought of these two women as the nicest women ever. But then he stopped, had a second thought and said to himself “Wait, maybe these two are the meanest women ever.”

To be fair, they were spitefully dancing around the guy.




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