Literal Lawyer

Literal Lawyer

Literal Lawyer

Literal Lawyer comes somewhere from my former love of courtroom procedurals. I used to watch the original Law & Order religiously, and was sold by SVU. Oh yeah, I used to watch JAG with my granddad every week too. Somewhere along the line, I fell out of love with the genre. I guess its repetition became cumbersome. But for the longest time I had a deep fascination for lawyers in general.

I remember when I was eleven, I said to my grandmother that I thought I’d be a great lawyer. She asked me why, and I replied “because I’m a great liar.” Then she slapped me in the mouth.

Once I discovered just how much work and how many years of school it’d take to accomplish being a lawyer (along with the realization of how scummy the profession can be) I gave up on the dream. I pretty much hate all shows about lawyers and the courtroom.

Except Night Court and the Honorable Judge Harry T. Stone. That shit is timeless. Sure it still is super “80s” and dated, but it’s still timeless as far as I’m concerned.


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