Nerfocalypse Now

Nerfocalypse Now comes from a genuine love of NERF. As a kid, I had a few friends who had a crazy selection of NERF guns and we would have these huge, house-spanning NERF wars. They would last hours, they were so damn fun.

We’d split into two teams, and each team would have a base on the other side of the house. Each side would hide four of those foam discs somewhere on their base, and the other team would have to retrieve them and return to their own base. Think “capture the flag” but with NERF guns. If you got shot, you had to freeze until a teammate unfroze you. There were a bunch of other obnoxious rules, but all in all, it was fun as hell.


Mousebear Comedy is just a couple dudes hiding behind an anthropomorphic mouse and bear in order to purge our shadow through webstuff.

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About The Author


BEAR never met his real dad and was forced to be his own father figure. He spent his time as a child grounding himself or disappointing himself when he missed his t-ball games that he promised himself he would definitely be there for this time. He beat himself up often, metaphorically and literally, so C.P.S. came and took him away from himself. At this point BEAR discovered that he could see in the dark, but only if he spent several minutes letting his eyes adjust first. BEAR is also a Capricorn and loves long crabwalks on the beach.

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