Aaron Holdfine unwittingly thumped his testicles after rocking out at his friend’s apartment while air-playing the bass-heavy early 90’s funk anthem “Give It Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The owner of the apartment, Leopold wick, recalled seeing Holdfine leap to his feet as soon as the familiar beginning riff came over the radio.

“He shouted ‘I haven’t heard this song in fuckin’ forever!’ and blasted it to full volume,” Wick said. Holdfine made it halfway through the second verse before he bumped into the coffee table, lost his groove and clobbered himself in the balls.

Holdfine is expected to make a full recovery and is suing Wick, who is counter-suing to cover the cost of his medical bills after he cracked two ribs from laughing too hard at Holdfine.

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