Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling was inspired by a classic scene from The Fly, the 80s Cronenberg film starring the one and only Jeff Goldblum. The scene that inspired this is after Goldblum gets his “super powers” after accidentally splicing his own DNA with that of a fly. It was during the “fun” period after the procedure but before it turned into a full-fledged body horror film.

Anyway, Golblum is all super strong and buff and stuff, and decides to test his strength by entering an amateur arm wrestling competition at a smelly bar. He proceeds to snap the other dude’s arm so bad that the bone breaks through the skin. It was a pretty boss scene.

We ended up playing a drinking game when we watched this movie last week, and the only rule you need is to take a drink every time Goldblum says “uhh” in classic Jeff Goldblum fashion. We literally were hammered within fifteen minutes.

The only saving grace for this drinking game is the last 20 minutes, give or take, when Goldblum is fully in fly form and has no more speech capabilities.

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