The Fly Telepods

The Fly Telepods is our second comic of the week that was inspired by, you guessed it, the classic 80’s Goldblum body horror film The Fly. We can’t explain how much we thoroughly enjoyed this film, and how drunk we got after just fifteen minutes of playing our Jeff Goldblum drinking game.

For those unaware of this amazing drinking game, all you need to do is take a drink every time Mr. Goldblum utters his classic Goldblumeque “uhhh” and you will be trashed before the second act starts.

In the film, Goldblum has these two Telepods which he claims he didn’t build himself but came into ownership of. Goldblum’s Telepods are a scientific marvel, but they ONLY can teleport inorganic matter. He’s obsessed with being able to teleport a human or any other living creature…. only problem is… anything that he teleports becomes turned inside out. There’s a great scene where Jeff tries to teleport a baboon (or maybe a dog or something, I don’t remember because I was super drunk) and he successfully teleports the creature from one pod to another, but it turns inside out so that it’s guts are on the outside and then explodes because… science or something.

The telepods may not be so great for live human people, but it’d be pretty cool to use on reversible windbreakers.


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