Body Checking

Body Checking

Hockey Playoffs start today, so hopefully we’ll see some actual legitimate Body Checking.

This is one of the few ideas that were not originally from either me or Mouse. A buddy of mine suggested it a while back and that idea stuck. I like the juxtaposition of how violent hockey typically is, with these two dudes putting aside their differences and “banging it out” so to speak. With this strip I discovered how difficult large crowds are to draw, so I copped out and did a simple outlining to suggest that a lot of people are there.

I also like how there’s inexplicably a bed in the middle of the ice rink, as if in this universe two rival players getting under the covers together is as common as 2 minutes in the penalty box. They both look so happy and eager too. Maybe some day we’ll get to see a couple of dudes “get it on” in a violent, masculine sport. Probably not in my lifetime, though.

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