Reservation is another idea that, at its core, is just another “woe is me, I don’t know who my daddy is” idea.

They say “Write What You Know” since it’s a fairly personal comic. I find it quite interesting and funny (and not depressing at all) that I how no concrete knowledge of my biological father. My first rap album is going to be called “Daddy Issues”… or maybe It’ll be a good title for a one-man show. Or perhaps an autobiography. Hell, maybe I’ll call every potential personal project “Daddy Issues” since it has just a nice ring to it.

Reservation makes me often think of the early 90’s Shaquille O’Neil classic Biological Didn’t Bother:

Everything’s going well following my dreams
I dunked on Patrick Ewing
I won the ring like Hakeem
Uh oh what do you know
Biological ones on the Ricky Lake show

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