Caution is one of our earlier ideas that we had been wanting to do as a filmed bit. There’s something so stupidly silly about this idea, and I love the meta-ness about it.

I used to work at a grocery store and in the beginning I did a lot of the bagging of groceries and took them out to the parking lot for the customers. Our store was in the middle of a retirement community, so the majority of our regular shoppers were elderly and most of them didn’t have driver’s licenses. However they DID have golf carts, because apparently you don’t need a driver’s license to drive a golf cart. Some ladies would come in and spend $200 on food an then I’d have to find a way to stack everything on the back of a cart.

Anyway, I was also often tasked with mopping the floors, and we’d always have to put out those yellow “Wet Floor” signs, and one day I put three of them out around a particularly wet area. A woman ignored it, and fell, and it was hilarious. We told her to go around to the next aisle, but she refused. Once she stood up, she walked through the signage again and fell again. It was even funnier. And that’s when I first had this idea.


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