Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

I couldn’t care less about Halloween these days, or shouting Trick or Treat. When I was a kid and getting to “that age” when your were too old to go trick or treating, I railed against it in denial. Nobody could tell me I couldn’t go out in costume and ask for candy.

As an adult, I have much easier access to candy, if I so desire. But I don’t. And dressing up has lost its grandeur. Maybe if I go to a costume party I’ll put in the effort, but I’m much too cynical to put in any real effort these days.

The last “great” costume I made was probably four years ago when I made myself a crane game/claw machine. I actually wore it to a friend’s bachelor party up in the mountains, and the strippers who later arrived took pictures with it because they enjoyed it so much. At least I think they did. That weekend was a blur. Lots of drinking. And then I lost the camera that had all the weekend’s shenanigans documented.

Smell my feet.

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