Chump Change

Winner Every Time
Chump Change

I’m not much of a gambler, unless it’s a guaranteed win or I know I can at least break even. There’s something quite endearing about this idiot who’s playing the Change Machine at the casino. He’s another example of my favorite type of “moron” or “slow thinker” and it’s one who has no concept of just how stupid he is.

If I saw this person — if such a person even existed — I would snicker to myself, but I think I’d try to do what I can and become friends with this guy. Mouse has a running joke where he says he wishes to give birth to really stupid, albeit attractive, sons. He thinks it would be hilarious to have morons as children. The examples he brings up are Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World and Kelso from That 70’s Show. He also mentions the third duplicate of Michael Keaton from Multiplicity, as well as Joey Tribianni from Friends.



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