Crossing Over

Crossing Over is indicative of the type of afterlife (if it exists) that I would prefer. I think being a ghost would be fun if you treated it with the right attitude. Haunting someone would be fun for a time, but would most likely become cumbersome and get old and boring.

I’d rather annoy somebody for as long as I can with bad puns and jokes and wedgies if I was one those poltergeists that could move things then I’d also give wedgies. Though to be fair, if I was a ghost, instead of crossing over I would spend a majority of my time watching women shower. Maybe I’d be telling awful ghost puns while the women shower.

If it was possible to invade people’s dreams then I would try to do that as well. I’d also put my ghost wiener in my friends’ mouths when they yawn. I’d hang around long enough for my friends to die and they could join me in my hauntings because as they say “The Morgue the Merrier.”

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