Cat Bath

With Cat Bath I wanted to bring to light my own cat’s insecurity and desire for privacy. I don’t have a classic orange tabby but a Tortoiseshell cat, but her color is almost impossible to draw.

My cat is very private, and its funny how she prefers her privacy when she does her business. What also astounds me is how she demands her own privacy, but refuses to give me mine. Personal space is a concept that my cat is unable or unwilling to understand.

This asshole also oversleeps every day I go to work, but on my days off she’s up and screaming in my face to give her attention. It’s well documented that most cats have the inability to ignore whenever a computer is being used, and even my own has the habit of sitting on my laptop or drawing tablet when I’m trying to draw.

It’s something a cat owner needs to come to terms with (or straight up ignore) that your cat’s butt hole has touched every surface of your home. I’d rather it be a Cat Bath on a cat’s butt than a dog’s butt, though.

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