Does Not Compute

Does Not Compute
Does Not Compute

Does Not Compute is the best title I could think of for this, though I racked my brain trying to come up with something. It always made me laugh in Futurama when a robot like Bender was accused of being cold hearted and emotionless only to have him cry later on. I suppose you could say this is my homage to that mentality. For some reason, I find robots inherently funny… maybe it’s because they’re supposed to be heartless and have no personality, which is sad and dark, but super hilarious. That’s why Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide is such a fantastic character. He’s depressed and boring, but it’s that lack of personality that GIVES him such a memorable personality.

I’d like to think that whenever the day comes that we create sentient AI and robots are everywhere, that they’ll be hilarious in a dry way. Much like how the British are. I’m not saying that the British remind of robots, though. Well… maybe they just just a little…

I wish I was British.


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