Emotional Boo-Boo

Emotional Boo-Boo
Emotional Boo-Boo

I love ghosts. They’re fascinating if they really exist, and there’s nothing better than a great ghost story. Most ghost stories are about angry ghosts or ghosts that don’t do anything, and I’ve never heard of a ghost crying like in Emotional Boo-Boo. I personally don’t have any ghost stories experienced first hand, but a few people close to me swear that they have.

An old roommate of mine was in his room in a house we lived in. It was a day or two before we all needed to be moved out, and the house was mostly empty except for a few of his things. He sat in his room, smoking weed when somebody walked into the house and by his doorway in the hall. This person said, “Stop smoking that N-BOMB weed!” Of course, they said the actual N-Bomb instead of saying “N-Bomb” but you get the point. This person then continued walking into the house toward the living room. My roommate followed this person, thinking it was a homeless person (there were often times we’d wake up to a homeless person sleeping on the porch or actually in our kitchen or something).

Lo and behold, there was no homeless person in the house. There was no other way out other than the front door. My roommate promptly freaked out. I figure he was just super high.


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