Sour Grapes

I really wanted to name Sour Grapes something more like “I’m sure there’s a Creedence Clearwater Revival Joke in Here Somewhere” only because I prefer the CCR cover over the original. If I could go back and rename it altogether, I would, and I’d call it “Sour Grapes” instead. It’s shorter, and perfectly encapsulates the tone of this comic.

In a perfect world, A situation like this would help a lot more than snooping on her phone to find out she’s been cheating. Can’t win ’em all though, eh? If something like this was a naturally occurring phenomenon, I’d like to think that people would stop eating grapes. Raisins, perhaps, may stay on the table since they’d be dead grapes… but I wouldn’t want to eat a sentient fruit that tells me secrets. In a perfect world….

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