Hump Day

Hump Day is an idea based on a villainous character I started back in high school. This villain was called “The Camel” and the point of this villain was to chug a friend’s drink without them seeing it. A perfectly executed hit from the camel would be when a friend of mine would just fill a glass of water or soda (we weren’t drinking beer back then but if we were, that would be too cruel. The point was to drink something that could be easily replaced) and drink the ENTIRE thing without the friend noticing. Bonus points if the camel drank the glass immediately after it was filled.

The Camel drank many a glass of Tang, and The Camel ended up becoming bigger than me. The Camel became an idea –  a symbol – and it wasn’t long before anybody could take up the mantle of the Camel and strike anywhere. I, myself, had been Camel’ed many, many times. This comic is my little shout-out to those old days when something so simple could be so damned entertaining. It’s nice to see The Camel portrayed literally in the last panel in Hump Day.



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