Inspiration certainly “isn’t” about something that happened recently with a woman who may or may not be my ex-girlfriend. It is “not” based in reality. The inspiration for this comic is completely “fabricated” and in no way, shape or form does it reflect any ill feelings to people, real or fictionalized.

I “wasn’t” called out by someone I may or may not know in real life, on a previous comic that supposedly tarnished “her” reputation. I “DID NOT” receive a furious text message about using said person as a butt of a joke, and that interaction had “no” bearing on the inspiration for this comic. Or maybe it did.. or maybe not.

It’s tough, I’m sure, to be involved with a comedian. It’s why a number of stand-up friends tend to date within the community because I know of a few relationships that have ended because they’ve talked about their personal life on stage.


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