Medic is… well, it’s a bit of a strange one… and it’s one that I’m very fond of. It’s essentially distilled down into the idea of “If My Mom Was a WWII Medic” and I think it works pretty well.

The comic went through a few iterations before we amped it up and heightened it to make it more extreme. I mean, come on, kissing guts? That’s not going to make anything better at all. I had a hard time drawing some of this so I admit that I had to do a little bit of research and look at some images for inspiration.

No, I didn’t look up war images or dead bodies or anything like that. But I DID watch the beginning of Saving Private Ryan a few times, particularly the scene with the one guy crying for his mommy as he held his guts in his hand. Okay, so maybe it’s a little morbid but I figured it would be better for my psyche to be looking at fake, Spielbergian guts than the real thing. So there you go.


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