Prescription is a fun one that’s gotten different reactions. I spoke with a friend at length as to what the actual butt of the joke is. I think it’s mostly an absurd non sequitur tone, but my buddy got hooked on whether or not the prescription of watching all of Friends was a compliment or a burn.

He argued that I should have just had Mouse hand Bear a gun as the prescription, but I’ve done a few gun-related comics and I didn’t want to do it again so soon. That’s not to say I won’t ever have a similar gun joke somewhere down the line, I just didn’t think it worked for this.

Deep down, I’m a cynic, so part of me believes that Mouse is prescribing ten season of Friends because the show is terrible and it will send Bear over the edge so that he kills himself. Because, really, how could watching a multi-camera sitcom from the 90’s make you feel better about yourself? I have a hard time even watching Seinfeld these days, especially when you’ve got the better, phenomenal, Curb Your Enthusiasm.


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