Morning Wood

The Morning Woods

Morning Wood is, I guess, above all an excuse to draw trees with dicks. The immature child inside me finds the crass imagery hysterical. I’m really happy with this one, because it’s so stupid. It’s a particular “type” of stupid, too. It’s like, a good stupid (I think) and not a bad stupid.

I’ve had this discussion with friends before, and it’s really hard to explain, but there’s a big difference between laughing at something that’s stupid, or something that’s just plain stupid. There’s a “clever” stupid, if you will. It’s all really stupid, though. I guess an example that would make sense is how “good stupid” the original black and white Three Stooges shorts were, and how “bad stupid” the Farrelly Brothers remake was.

Tress with dicks are incredibly fun and satisfying to draw, I must say. It’s…. it’s just ridiculous. I laugh every time I look at them. But I’m stupid.


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