Petition to Remake “Big Dick Daddies 7” Reaches 20,000 Signatures


HOLLYWOOD, CA – Sad news to report today as the internet has launched a petition to remake the newest installment in the Big Dick Daddies series. The seventh in the series has been met with mixed reviews from fans, with many claiming that it did not live up to the standards set by the first six features.

“It was a total mess,” an anonymous fan told us. “There were scenes that were so dark I couldn’t tell who was sucking who’s dick! And don’t even get me started on ‘The Tight Thing.’ They spent the whole series building him up to be the ultimate daddy and they just blew his load like that! Disgraceful!”

Many have rushed to the defense of Big Dick Daddies 7 by saying that the dimly lit scenes were meant to set the atmosphere and that ‘The Tight Thing’ was never meant to be the ultimate daddy that many believed he was supposed to be. Those challenging the new installment aren’t buying it.

“It only got worse from there,” the anonymous fan continued. “Everyone was acting out of character at the end. Characters who had avoided getting screwed were suddenly getting fucked in the ass, characters who had been developed over the course of six installments were unceremoniously blown away and don’t even get started on the crippled guy getting the Iron Bone. I was flaccid from start to finish!”

As of this writing the petition to remake Big Dick Daddies 7 has reached 20,000 signatures. The producers of the film have released a statement saying that they are proud of their work and have no intention on reshooting the film.

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