Ask Mouse/Bear – Sexy Dancing

Q: Was I too sexy??

I’ve taken dance lessons for years, plus have had high-level private lessons 3 times a week for years. So my dancing style is a little different than most people.

Anyway, I went to a dance about 5 times at a place that has a lot of older (seniors) people there.

The last time I went, the dance organizer ( a senior citizen -woman) came up to me and said “You have a lot of sexy moves”. I couldn’t tell if she was giving me a compliment or subtly putting me down, or if she was kinda wanting me to tone it down.

I haven’t been back since, because I don’t feel I was being “sexy”– and even if I was, I’m hardly doing a strip tease! The only thing I can think of that could be “sexy” is that I move my hips (Cuban motion).

I’ve considered going back but not sure if I can or should tone down my style?
Was she “warning” me or what? I sensed a bit of disapproval.

A: Sure, why not?

Obviously you’re scapegoating here and suffer from nonspecific mania. You are a Class A psychopath with Platomasochistic  tendencies after that Greek Philosophy major broke up with you in front of a bus full of Asian schoolgirls. You have also had learned helpessness ever since you tried to make over-easy eggs and accidentally broke the yoke in the pan. There’s a connection there, but I don’t know what it is.

Your id and ego are battling it out for your sorry ass. The ego can’t help you there. What you need, is the SUPER ego.

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