Silver Lining

Yeah, the silver lining for a positive preggo test would be that my perspective would change from a cynical asshole to an optimistic schlub. The good news is, as Maury would say, I am NOT a father. I still love Mr. Povich and all those troubled teens who need to be shaped up by boot camp.

What inspired this comic originally, believe it or not, was reddit. I post all our comics there and a healthy amount of our site traffic comes from various social media — reddit being one of the top traffickers. I’ve noticed a trend on reddit, though, where the comics that get upvoted are super schmaltzy or overly feel-goody, which sickens me in many ways. People prefer the “unfunny” comics about being a dad over our more admittedly darker and more cynical perspective. I figure the only way people will come to this website in droves is if I have a child and turn our webcomics into topics about my child


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