This Could Be You

This Could Be You
This Could Be You

This Could Be You originated from an idea we turned into a full-length sketch on stage. After many revisions and readjustments to the focus of the sketch, it drifted away from the original idea.

Actually, to be honest, my ORIGINAL original idea was to put on a suit and tie and stand out on a corner with a cardboard sign that says “This Could Be You.” I was talked out of that because it was too mean spirited. Also, my town had a history with violent homeless. So essentially I was too much of a coward.

This is the first comic I’ve drawn, and I admit that it took me absolutely waaaay too long to draw this based on its quality. But hey, it’s a learning experience… and it takes a little bit of time to adjust to writing on a tablet while looking at a computer screen instead of staring at your hand as you write on real paper.


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