27 Better Names Than Carlos Danger

Anthony Weiner, mayoral candidate for New York City, is apparently in another scandal involving his peculiar sexual tendencies. He got caught before back in 2011 for sending sexy pictures to six different women. We were thisclose to forgetting all about the guy, 2011 is a whole two years ago. Seriously, who can remember anything from 2011? There’s probably been a dozen other scandals since. We were willing to forget and forgive enough to not make a scene when Weiner announced he was running for Mayor of NYC in 2013.

Until now.

Weiner got busted again. He created a fake Facebook profile so he could send sexy pics again. This time he thought he learned from past mistakes by creating an alias to hide behind and that alias was Carlos Danger. Not a bad name, hilarious, but lazy. Here are 27 better names than “Carlos Danger”

  1. Bob Crisis
  2. Alejandro Cool
  3. Dean Hazard
  4. Santiago Reckless
  5. Jose Audacious
  6. Luis Daredevil
  7. Eduardo Thin Ice
  8. Javier Penis
  9. Jesus Saves
  10. Hammerhead Jones
  11. Blaine Shitbrick
  12. Phil Jeopardy
  13. Kevin Threat
  14. Pitfall Jenkins
  15. Lou Accident
  16. Dick Bold
  17. Quentin Hardabs
  18. Francis Bulge
  19. Rocco
  20. Devin Anger Management
  21. Elijah Backdraft
  22. Aggressive Dave
  23. Frank Desperation
  24. Holland Peril
  25. Aloysius Detriment
  26. Colin Trouble
  27. Anthony Weiner
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