Allerjizz is an adaptation of a much wordier stand-up bit I have about my lack of allergies. Since I don’t suffer from any allergies, it essentially means I have a high tolerance for plant jizz in and around my nasal cavities. Sex isn’t fair for plants, because they can’t just get up and go bang other plants. They gotta sit wherever they are and just blast their pollen in the air and hope for the best. I really tried, initially, to not actually show the flower penis and just have it masturbating as implied but it didn’t look right. Sometimes you need to go graphic in order to pull the gag off, and there’s something intrinsically ridiculous about seeing a flower jack off.

The term “Allerjizz” was the button I used at the end of the bit, and it’s a shame that I couldn’t really incorporate it into the comic itself, so it had to suffice as the title. I think this is the first comic I’ve done that had no dialogue either, so I’m proud of that and find these types of comics are a lot more challenging to show over tell. Hopefully we’ll be able to do more comics like this and take full advantage of the visual medium.

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