Cop Out

Cop Out is another love song to puns. I have a very strained relationship with puns. Most people consider puns to be the “lowest form of wit” next to sarcasm. While I disagree with both of those sentiments, there is definitely something inherently angering about puns. That being said I also love a good pun that makes me angry. I know, it’s counter intuitive.

The sign of a solid pun isn’t just to make someone groan, but it is to make another person physically sick at the awfulness of said pun. I consider that a win in my book. It needs to be just on the cusp of being a dad joke, hell, even if it is a dad joke then whatever. I’m pretty sure Cop Out probably qualifies as a dad joke, anyway.

I’ve had a life dream to own a hat and cane just out of reach so that I can always grab it when I deliver a “terrible” joke in person. Then I can just dance out of frame.


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