Cop Out

Cop Out is another love song to puns. I have a very strained relationship with puns. Most people consider puns to be the “lowest form of wit” next to sarcasm. While I disagree with both of those sentiments, there is definitely something inherently angering about puns. That being said I also love a good pun that makes me angry. I know, it’s counter intuitive.

The sign of a solid pun isn’t just to make someone groan, but it is to make another person physically sick at the awfulness of said pun. I consider that a win in my book. It needs to be just on the cusp of being a dad joke, hell, even if it is a dad joke then whatever. I’m pretty sure Cop Out probably qualifies as a dad joke, anyway.

I’ve had a life dream to own a hat and cane just out of reach so that I can always grab it when I deliver a “terrible” joke in person. Then I can just dance out of frame.

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BEAR never met his real dad and was forced to be his own father figure. He spent his time as a child grounding himself or disappointing himself when he missed his t-ball games that he promised himself he would definitely be there for this time. He beat himself up often, metaphorically and literally, so C.P.S. came and took him away from himself. At this point BEAR discovered that he could see in the dark, but only if he spent several minutes letting his eyes adjust first. BEAR is also a Capricorn and loves long crabwalks on the beach.

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