MouseBear Movie Taglines 2013

The idea behind a tagline according to Wikipedia, the modern-day dictionary ( We’ve never heard of it, obviously), is the concept to create a memorable phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of a film. Here are a few amazing movies with serious taglines to look forward to in 2013.

1) “Coming Soon.” – Coming Soon.

This movie is about coming soon.

2) “In Theaters February 22nd.” – In Theaters February 22nd

We all know what and when this is about.

3) “Only in IMAX.” – Only in IMAX

Go to the IMAX to see what the only in IMAX film, Only in IMAX, is all about. SPOILER ALERT: It’s about being only in IMAX.

4) “The Legend Continues.” – The Legend Continues

The legend continues from what the legend was before in this apparent sequel to The Legend, about a legend.

5) “Summer Twenty-Fourteen.” – Summer 2014

Do we have to wait or can we all sum up what Summer Twenty-Fourteen will be like. Apparently this is a know-all movie about summer, 2014.

6) “The Adventure is About to Begin.” – The Adventure is About to Begin

About a beginning adventure. I sense a sequel. Is a prequel even possible? Only box office will tell.

7) “Based on Some True Stories.” – Based on a True Story

Not based on one specific, actual story.

8) “Have No Doubts.” – This Actually Happened

I had my doubts, saw the movie, and it actually happened. I saw the movie that is.

9) “Based on the Fact that this could happen to any dude…twice.” – Brokeback Mountain Rises

An Ang Lee and Christopher Nolan co-directorial, co-producing, co-writing co-staring together debut.

10) “The Plot Thickens.” – Plot 2

The sequel to Plot, the smash movie about people writing a smash movie.

11) “You’ve never seen a taste like this.” – The Crystal Pepsi Movie

The 20-year re-release that will make you throw up. Literally.

12) “Too Funny For Words.” – Last Laugh

A silent film comedy expressed through interpretive dance.

13) “If you (verb), then the (plural noun) takes a (adjective) turn.'” – Mad Libs: The Movie

Everyone’s favorite party book becomes a movie that is only as funny as you make it.

14) “NOOOOOOOO!” – Yelling To The Sky In The Rain

72 minutes worth.

15) “Washington Posts.” – Washington, Post

“What? Washington Post!” -Washington Post

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