The Mysterious Case of Mister Dickface

The Mysterious Case of Mr. Dickface
The Mysterious Case of Mr. Dickface

The Mysterious Case of Mister Dickface comes from a lingering interest in extraterrestrial life. I’ve always been fascinated with the topic, and what the potential motivations for intelligent alien life would be. You always hear stories about trashy people out in the middle of nowhere claiming that they’ve been abducted for a myriad of reasons. Why is nobody famous ever abducted? Why hasn’t somebody IMPORTANT been abducted, like the President or Donald Trump?

Are lower class people just making it up so that they can feign some sort of important, or “special-ness”? Or are aliens actually abducting these people because they know nobody will believe someone without a full set of teeth? I like to think that even among these scientific, probing aliens that are supposedly out there… there HAS to be a group of alien hooligans who go around just fucking with people without actually harming them. They do it for their own self-interest or for a cheap laugh versus “for science” or whatever.

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