Stand-Up Can Be Bad For Your Health

Stand up comedy can be brutal sometimes. Stand up has violent euphemisms whether you’re doing great or terribly (killing and bombing/dying to be specific).

I’d used this specific line when I was hosting a weekly open mic. To be fair, I’ve said Dave’s line in the first panel far more often. Usually the comedians had a bit of a tight-knit camaraderie even if some were considered hacks. There was one guy who came around who wasn’t “that” funny but I encouraged him because he at least had the balls to get up and try consistently to get better. I had told a joke that bombed in between introducing comics and “Dave” tried to piggy back on my failure by calling me out. His joke making fun of my bombed joke bombed. I got  little peeved because you aren’t typically supposed to fuck with the emcee unless they’re a total jackass or asshole. So I came back at him with the line in the last two panels.

Compared to both of our bombed jokes, this one killed.


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