Worse Than Calling Your Teacher Mommy

Worse Than Calling your Teacher “Mommy”
Worse Than Calling your Teacher “Mommy”

The old adage is “write what you know” and I’m sad to say that this comic absolutely comes from experience. It’s happened more than once, but less than four times.

Specifically all these times have been with Mouse, and only the first time was it actually fairly awkward. We had been roommates for several years and would often hang out and write sketches or scripts or just shoot the shit and watch the news. On this particular day we were just hanging out in the same room on our laptops. I had to leave for work so I closed up my little writing station, grabbed my bag and headed out the apartment door.

Then it slipped. “Later, babe.” hung in the air for a solid five seconds as the realization of what I said dawned on the both of us. Then we laughed, and I went to work. Since then, Mouse has called me “babe” on accident, but I’d done it at least once more.


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